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Four years on the road and working on The Thousand Mile Thumb taught me how to wash my clothes in a truckstop sink, why to never go to sleep on an open golf course at night (4AM sprinklers), and that there is always a hitch. I also learned there are tons of resources for alternative travelers! Whether hitchhiking any vehicle any place on the planet, looking to try something new (a lifestyle, festie, work-trade or volunteer opportunities, perhaps?) or just need money to do something awesome, here are Road Resources. Just follow the links in orange to enter the rabbit hole… yes, the rabbit hole…


Where can a traveler stay for free? Don’t have a friend in every country you want to visit? Craving delicious food and the insider tour on a budget?  Why haven’t you clicked the link yet?


With an option towork-trade for access to everything from llama farms to cereal factories, haughty cars to tiny houses, and a million volunteer and trade opportunities besides, it’s hard to be anything but a caring vagabond, these days! Sometimes (especially when traveling for more than a few weeks), one must stop,  root down, give back to a community, and reflect for a moment. It’s okay, relax.

HITCHHIKING (Planes, Trains- Boats- and Automobiles):

Planning your own hitching adventure? See the streetkids out and about, but never knew the ropes (or ladders?) Want to hop trains? Crew a ship and sail the oceans? Ever wondered how to hitch a small plane, or any plane, for free? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, here is a great place to start. Below are a few lists to help you on your future boho adventures.

Vehicles – Highly recommend starting here. This includes the most complete list of hitchhiking culture, lifestyle, and information including resources, tips, advice, forums, maps, interactive communities and further links. Whether hitching or interested in alternatives to the same old weird Craigslist Rideshare pool, the internet has empowered a whole new generation of hitchhikers.

Planes – From private biplanes and Cessna’s to public aircraft and corporate airbus- it IS possible to hitchhike the air! Even without an enormous blue heron to cart you around,  it is not easy. But if you are willing to try, it will happen.

Boats – Hitchhiking boats, too? Absolutely. Like Planes, it takes legwork, aggressive networking, and flexibility, but it’s been done. Follow for a list of international websites, links and blogs with great resources.

Trains – As of 2012 in the US, paying for Amtrak or hopping freight trains are the only way to cross any American soil by train. Beginner’s information about doing either/or for free or cheaper is listed. Research at your own risk; I’m only suggesting it. Strongly.


You can’t always launch a project on your own! Thanks to fundraising websites and similar portals, there is now a way for people with money who aren’t doing much  to  donate to people with no money who want to do a lot.


There are endless Road Subcultures. I spent four years circumnavigating the American Roads not only as a lifestyle, but as culture. Go here to find links and information to learn about, connect with, and plug into some of the communities I met along the way.


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