What Is It?

My name is Ian Krammer. Between 2008 and 2012, I hitchhiked to all 50 states. The Thousand Mile Thumb  is the fruition of these adventures. It is a creative nonfiction travel novel composed of profiles, stories, and essays that explore a modern life on the road in a changing America. Currently I write, make music and  paint from the remotes and wilds of the Northern Colorado mountains. The words that appear here are ruminations and revelations from a solitary and sedentary life… intermingled with excerpts from the pending book, due 2013!

“Between 1982 and 2000 it was estimated that there were around 80 million births in the United States of America. The ‘Millenials’, also known as the ‘Peter Pan Generation’, are the biggest in American history! They are now well into their 20’s, raised at the turn of the century in a US where the “American Dream” is long-dead. How’s a person to own a house without paying it off for years, raise a successful family with divorce rates so high, keep a career when they could have up to eight in a lifetime, and the “self-made” individual is merely a romantic notion? What was the new dream?

From Tennessee hootenannys to Maine goat farms, Rocky Mountain snow caves to free San Diego Casino suites, Seattle hipsters to Alaskan fish packers, Michigan ghost cities to Hawaiian craters, following one’s head to following one’s heart, blue highways to county driveways, one vehicle to another, and one home to the next, I was going to find out. I would do it in the same way those before me  had, seeking the answer to my  same questions, by pen, paper, hitchhiking, working seasonally, and trusting in people, myself, and perhaps something bigger. This is a portrait of a contemporary America: one connection, one tale, and one long, weird, thumb at a time!” – The Thousand Mile Thumb


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