“…it is never without Passion that I move.”


Estes Park, CO | 11,700 ft

“Passion is my lighthouse, my Sherpa, my cave. Passion has guided my art and taught me how to appreciate a bath. I have been his captive. He blackmailed me and drug me ‘round the country by thumb. Passion directed me to her concubines, Belief and Steadfastness, to understand how a functional sedentary life can operate. At times, Passion has violently shaken me and at others he gently patted my back, always reassuring, over and over, that magic is real and divinity is in all things from thrombosis and thought to cheesecake and children. Passion has kept me relentlessly seeking through the jots and crosses of many pens, many pages, much drivel, to the next scene of my soul’s work. She has shown me the hiding spots for strangely-shaped keys to doors that open to rooms. In these rooms, full of color and shadow, I am most often shown how to connect deeply and gracefully wherever it is healthy. Not as often, it is unveiled how I will be served while I am serving there. And whether he is at my side or in the fore, it is never without Passion that I move.” – The Thousand Mile Thumb


Keep your penpals close, and their gifts closer


Another “fruit” from the omnipotence of synchronicity

“I’m certain that these prodigious entanglements are the genuine initiative in every quest of mine, for without human influence, the precious fuel that sustains and energizes my creative spirit becomes barren.” -LT, of California