“If it matters to you, then you will be tested.”


“She said achieving a goal is like a flight from New York to LA. “The departure location is clear,” she nodded, “and I know where I’m going to land. Just like a flight plan, it is, technically, a straight line. But hardly EVER do planes follow that path. They must account for weather, more air traffic, and geography. 90% of the time the pilot is technically off the line, not on a notable flight plan. This does not mean the start and finish are altered, nor that the weather or people or situations at the start and finish will even feel “right”. It simply means you will be lifted up, and then you will land.”

The steps to a large goal inevitably unfold in an incongruous progression that at times will seem devastating in their lack of connection. The route to your destination might even seem monotonous, backwards, and stupid; these are confirmations unto themselves.

If it matters to you, then you will be tested. Remember, and only STRIVE to enact, that patience is saintly. Eat, drink, move, and celebrate as time passes; do whatever it takes to remember what you want is happening!”

-The Thousand Mile Thumb


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